10 Things I Pray for Hope Church

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This past weekend I determined that my prayers for Hope Church should – and would – be more focused and deliberate. So, I made a list and committed to pray for these 10 things. It is not an exhaustive list, but simply ideas and subjects that, I believe, are worthy of or are in need of my prayers. I pray you will join me.

My prayers for Hope Church — and beyond.

  1. I pray that God would do something great in the heart of every leader.  Someone said recently that the greatest work that God is doing in an organization is what He is doing in the heart of the leader.  I pray that God will be moving in great ways in the heart of every leader at Hope, starting with myself.
  2. I pray God will work supernaturally in the lives, ministries and efforts of the people of Hope Church.
  3. I pray that we will love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and we will love our neighbors as ourselves — and that this love will be contagious.  And while loving our neighbors, that we would be a winsome, joyful and contagious community. And then, while praying for our neighbors and community, that we continue to be and feel like the warmest, friendliest, most welcoming place in all of South Dayton.
  4. I pray we will make disciples who make disciples.
  5. I pray we will see lives radically changed.  May we see conversions, baptisms, and people empowered for ministry.  May people know, develop and use their spiritual gifts.
  6. I pray God will be exulted through our worship, prayer, preaching, serving and interacting.
  7. I pray Hope Church will become a:
      1. Multi-generational church where older men disciple younger men and older women disciple younger women.
      2. Multi-ethnic community were racial reconciliation takes place and people from every nation gather.
      3. Multi-socio-economic community were God empowers people to be generous and responsible.
  8. I pray Hope will be both a gathering church and a sending church. May Hope Church become a place where people in our community love to gather.  May the people of Hope demonstrate the love of Christ within our community as we intentionally live gospel-centered lives. And may the people of our church be impacted by the gospel and may the gospel impact others within our community.  May God grant favor to Hope Church in their efforts.
  9. I pray that God would supply all the needed spiritual, human and financial resources so that we may do ministry that honors Christ in our church, our community and around the globe.
  10. I pray we will be people known for: moral integrity, doctrinal purity, and relational charity.
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