What are the rhythms of your life?

 In Tori Smith

Rhythms of life.  We create them, we live in them, we crave them. Traditions are borne of these rhythms!

For some reason, it’s become a rhythm around Thanksgiving for Wyatt to think we must have turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. And, oh yes — pumpkin pie! There are rhythms in every area of our lives — health care, raising the kids, walking the dog, doing maintenance on the car. Rhythms are identified by certain things – they reoccur on a regular basis, at about the same time and at predictable intervals. Changing the oil in your car should happen about every 3-5000 miles.  Walking the dog should be a regular part of your morning routine. You get the idea.

And whether we think about it or not, there are rhythms in our faith walk.  Over the last month, we’ve discussed and stressed the importance of joining a community group. To become truly committed to a community group requires us to make it a part of the rhythm of our weekly lives – we need to take the time, make the place and commit to being with the group.

Our faith walk, however, is not just about the community group we are choosing to join!

Attending Sunday morning worship also needs to be a rhythm – a regular, consistent and purposeful rhythm. Hit and miss worship attendance isn’t a rhythm. To truly get the full benefit of corporate worship – it must be a normal and consistent part of the rhythm of our weekly living. The author of the Book of Hebrews tells us to not neglect meeting together – why? So we can help support each other in this life.

But, there is more! If we want to grow and mature in our faith, we need a rhythm to our private prayer and bible reading times.  A healthy rhythm is having a daily devotional time. Neglecting the study of God’s word is neglecting the growth of your own spirit! We are missing the chance to connect with the Father.

As I think about the rhythms of life and the importance of healthy rhythms, it encourages me to pay attention to the rhythms in my life. I especially need to be more mindful and intentional to rhythms that help me grow in my faith life.  What rhythms might help you to grow, to bloom and to become the best you can be?

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