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Have you ever looked at the world from another’s perspective? Here are a few observations from Noah’s perspective, just to make you smile….or shake your head. ?

I have a very unique, wise perspective of the world based on my vantage point from the arm of the chair looking out my window. I thought I would share these with you since I haven’t seen any of you thinking about the world from this position. 

First – it’s never too early or late in the day to take a nap.  I don’t know if you’ve ever paid attention or not, but we canines have the ability to close our eyes and take a nap anywhere at any time. Humans don’t understand how important this skill is.  Because I know how to nap, I always have an abundance of energy on hand to chase or bark at whatever flies past my window. Maybe humans would have more energy if they could take a few naps in the day!

Always save the dog food until last.  Humans have such a hypnotic array of food.  Their food is filled with all kinds of smells and looks.  And when it cooks it sizzles and cracks.  Sometimes mom’s food even smokes…but I don’t think she would like for me to tell you that, so it’s our secret.  I know my doctor says it’s not good for me.  But a bite here and there won’t hurt at all. So, fill a plate up also for me, it’s all good!  I think humans would appreciate all that God has given them, if all they had in their bowl was dog food. 

Car rides are the best! I love when I get to go in the car. From the arm of my chair I can see my beloved car.  I get so excited when I get to go in it.  I never, or at least hardly ever know where we are going, and that’s ok because it’s all about the ride for me.  It’s my observation that humans are consumed with getting to their destination and seldom take time to hang their head out of the window.  But let me tell you….you’ve not lived until you hang your head out the window and feel the wind rushing you in the face making your ears flap back as far as they can go.  For some reason mom doesn’t want to put the window down when it’s cold or wet outside. So, I had to learn how to put the window down myself.  I would do anything to feel that rushing wind on my face!

My favorite toys are all of my squeakers. In fact, I got some new ones today!  And one of my favorite things to do with them is shove them under the couch, or chair or refrigerator as far as I can and then whine until mom or Deandra get them for me.  Mom would say there’s nothing funny about that.  But if I had a little pinky, I know exactly where mom and Deandra would be! ?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the real problem in the world right now is face masks.  They are very unsettling. There are so many social cues that humans give off just in their face alone and face masks cover half of their face.  When we go to get food at the store people approach us with their mouths covered.  I can’t tell if they are happy to see me or having a bad day, or angry that I’m in the car. Mom keeps telling me it’s necessary, but I don’t like them.  I especially don’t like it when she wears one…so I watch for her to put her purse down and then I go over and try to get her mask out of her purse.  I almost succeeded once.  I was headed upstairs to hide under the bed and destroy it…but she caught me. My Deandra thought she was going to get in the car with her face mask on one day.  I stopped that.  She had to take it off before she got in the car.  It is no wonder people are angry and upset at one another. They can’t smile at each other anymore, or their loving canine companions. 

So now that you’ve read this, I’m sure you’re shaking your head and asking why.  It’s really pretty simple. Proverbs 17:22a says “A joyful, cheerful heart brings healing to both body and soul…”   I thought my life might bring you a big smile for a minute….but then it’s probably hidden behind your mask. 


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  • Patty Buck

    I loved this Tori. Good write thru the eyes of Noel.

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