Are You Listening To God? 

 In Student Ministry

When it comes to listening to God and his instructions, I believe that some of us are so eager for a word that we move on the first thing that we think we hear. When we should be patient and eager for further instruction from what God is really saying. I am reminded of a story called “The Mistaken Hearing” and it begins a little something like this:

 At the end of a revival service, the evangelist invited people to come forward if they wanted someone to pray for them. About midway through the line of people stood an imposing, intimidating looking man. When the minister asked about his prayer request, the burly guy said, “Reverend, I need you to pray for my hearing.” The evangelist quickly placed his hands over the man’s ears and prayed fervently for restored hearing. When the minister finished praying, he looked the man squarely in the eyes and shouted above the choir’s strong singing, “How’s your hearing now?” The man loudly replied, “I don’t know yet, Preacher. My hearing ain’t until next Wednesday at the courthouse!”

 And this is how we are sometimes. We would rather want to rush to pray for what we think God is trying to say than to really listen. Our God is not a God of mistakes or miscommunication. When you think he is saying something to you, be sure to really listen because he doesn’t want you to be misled or even confused.


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