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 In Jason Bunger

This summer, I will be spending a few weeks at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary studying in the Masters of Theology program. I ask myself why I’ve chosen to do this. I already have a Master’s degree and I also have a Doctorate from Gordon-Cornwell. For several months I’ve been asking my self this question, “Why do I believe that it is worth the time, effort and resources to get another degree similar to the two I already hold?” Allow me to share my reasoning with you.

Leaders are learners! The moment we stop learning we stop leading!  Great leaders continue to learn and hone their craft.  I expect my doctor, pharmacist, architect, or financial adviser to continue to learn and perfect their craft.  No less should be expected of a pastor.  If we are going to lead, we must continue to learn.    

Christ and Hope Church deserve my best – not my mediocre! I want to avoid becoming “that preacher.” That preacher who participated in a few courses and classes in seminary and then proceeded to preach the same sermon – or some variation – every single week for the rest of his ministry!

This new learning focuses on areas most critical to the church.  I’m excited! There will be intensive study and learning from the foremost experts in these disciplines:

Christ-Centered Preaching

Preaching for Reconciliation

Preaching to Millennials

Teaching Preaching 

I look forward to learning alongside my colleagues. Preaching and ministry is often an isolated profession.  Being in study, prayer, and collaboration with some of the best preachers in the country will be an overdue time of refreshment and invigoration for me. 

What does this mean for Hope Church during this season?  For the short term, I will be in Boston for a couple weeks this summer and probably miss one Sunday.  Please keep me in prayer as I travel and study.  I downloaded one of my syllabi and I genuinely will need your prayers.    

In the long term, I pray your pastor will finish this program with a greater love for Christ, an expanded understanding of the scriptures, a sense of reinvigoration and new skills that will help Hope Church continue to be a Gospel-Centered/Mission Driven Church for the next generation. 

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  • Patty Buck

    May God bless you because I know you are going to bless us. JASON YOU DO IT EVERY SUNDAY WITH YOUR WONDER MESSAGE FROM GOD. Can it get any better?? If you feel that you need this it will also work for us. Love you and Thanks for all you do for HOPE.

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