Christmas With A Cause

Christmas With A Cause – Hidden Treasures

“This was the only way that I might ever be able to see my child again…”

This story is sadly a common one.  A young man marries an innocent bride, and they have a child together. He moves them to a different region of his country, abducts the child and then holds the child as ransom.  The only way that the mother will ever see the child again is to prostitute herself for her husband.  She hopes to redeem the child before the child is forced into a life of prostitution, as well.  This desperate mother has no family to turn to and the local authorities are being paid by her “husband” from the earnings of her shame.  This is just one of many similar stories.

As a church family, we must do something about this.

We have selected the Hidden Treasures ministry as our Christmas With A Cause Campaign.  (This ministry is located in a region of Latin America and led by a woman whose identity we cannot disclose outside our worship services).  The Hidden Treasures ministry is group of women who daily go into the streets, love these trafficked women unconditionally, feed them their only meal of the day, and treat them as the Hidden Treasure that they are.

The Hidden Treasures ministry desperately needs to complete the construction of a discipleship safe house and workshop.  The discipleship house is a securely located home for women committed to leaving this cycle of abuse and shame.  An adjacent workshop is also being planned so that these women have an economic alternative to the exploitation of human trafficking.

By partnering with us to help complete this project, this ministry will be able to do the following:

  1. Ensure these women can find shelter in the facility that is secure, secluded, and safe from the men who have been abusing and exploiting them.
  2. Enable these women to receive three consecutive months of discipleship training, biblical and psychological counseling, and inner healing.
  3. Equip these women for with skills to develop micro-businesses to become self-sufficient so they never have to return to the sex-trafficking industry.
  4. Break the generational cycle of human trafficking so that their children are not exposed to the cycle of trafficking.
  5. Equip these redeemed women to go back into the same streets–not to prostitute themselves, but to redeem others from the same cycle from which they have been redeemed.

Please join us in redeeming these Hidden Treasures by remembering these women, spreading the word, and by prayerfully considering how you could give along with us.  To give to the campaign, go to giving page. Sign in or create a PushPay account. In the drop menu, select Christmas with a Cause – Hidden Treasures.