Duh! When the Lightbulb Finally Comes On!

 In Jason Bunger

Throughout life, I have had a few “Duh” moments.  These are the moments when I finally get something that should have been obvious to me all along.  Teachers call it an “Aha!” moment.  When my students get it, it is an “Aha!” moment.  When I finally get it, it is more of a “Duh” moment.   Let me share one of my “Duh” moments with you. 

A number of years ago I visited a facility that served children with special needs. As part of our visit, our team spent a portion of time playing games, telling stories and doing crafts with children that suffered from a number of varied developmental challenges. I am not sure who had more fun on this day — the children or the ministry team!

At the same time and in front of the same building, a support group and Bible study was taking place with the mothers of these children. After visiting with the children, we made our way to where the mothers were sharing, singing, crying, laughing and encouraging one another. 

I was immediately taken aback by the genuine ministry taking place in the room among these mothers and women. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a collection of books! Anyone who knows me knows there is rarely a time I do not have a book nearby. (I learned later these books were part of the only Christian library in this region.) I began reading book titles one by one and didn’t realize I was no longer listening to the life-changing conversations taking place between the women. Instead I was thinking, “What a great resource these books are for ministering to the needs of this community. The books can be used to develop an intentional strategy for ministry or perhaps they will help them better understand the real needs of this community. More importantly, the answers in these books could teach them how to respond to those in this community with the answers that only the gospel of Jesus provides.”

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  “Duh!” 

I was looking at these books for information to create a ministry for tomorrow — completely unengaged in the ministry taking place in front of me in that very moment!    

It occurs to me that so much of life and ministry is found living in the minute and taking advantage of the opportunities that are right in front of us.  I refocused on the conversation taking place among the women and probably learned more in those few minutes than I have learned in years of reading.    

I recall my mentor Haddon Robinson saying, “You will never be more in ministry than you can be this day.”  In other words, don’t spend your life waiting to serve tomorrow!  Today is filled with people and possibilities that can make a difference.  Coincidentally, Dr. Robinson also was known to say, “the will of God is meeting the needs of the people in front of you whose needs you can meet.” (paraphrase mine)

This “Duh” moment has greatly shaped my life since. I want to live in the moment and take advantage of the opportunities that God has placed before me. 


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