Ways To Give

“I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices
that have cost me nothing.”

— 2 Samuel 24:24

Give To
Christmas With A Cause

Each Sunday Hope Church sets aside time for offering.

Why do we do this?

1. Giving is an act of worship.

We believe that all that we have belongs to the Lord and we are stewards of such gifts. Therefore, we practice and encourage members to tithe – give a tenth of what they have back to the Lord.

2. Giving enables us to make a difference.

When you give at Hope, you not only support a Christ-centered ministry in the Dayton region, but you also support evangelistic and essential ministries throughout the world.

If you are a guest, do not feel obligated to give. We appreciate you worshipping with us today.

There are several different ways to give to Hope Church.

  1. Cash and checks are accepted at each service during worship and can be placed in the offering plate.
  2. Online giving is available on the church’s website, www.hopeindayton.org . Look for the Giving link in the top navigation. Our online giving page is a secure way to give your gifts and tithes to the Lord in a convenient way using your online banking account or credit card. Through online giving you also also have the ability to designated your funds to a specific account at Hope Church.
  3. Automated giving forms are available at the Welcome Center.
  4. Hope Church QR CodeYou can use our QR code. Scan the QR code below and it will take you to a secure website to enter your account information.
  5. Text to give is available. Text the amount you want to give to 937-817-3026. Make sure the dollar sign is listed before the amount. You will be directed to register the first time with your contact information and credit/debit card. After registration is complete, you will receive verification by text as well as a receipt email. For future giving, simply text the amount you want to give and it will process automatically.