God Is All You Need

 In Student Ministry
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So this week I have been listening to a song by Travis Greene called “Just Want You” and it began to cause me to think. The song is basically saying God you can take everything! I don’t want it, I don’t need it, I just want you!

But it caused me to think, would we really be happy if all we had was God?

Of course it’s easy to say that, because we know God’s track record. Just like in the book of Job where God takes everything from Job but he still remained faithful. We saw how God blessed his faithfulness.

But it’s easy for us to see it that way because we are reading it. But how was it for Job? Job didn’t know he was going to get any revenue of blessings from his investment of faithfulness.

All I’m saying is that we ought to try to really put our all into God. Because there might come a day where we don’t have the nice cars, clothes, and big churches! But we will be happy with just God.

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