When you come to Hope Church we want you to be prepared for what you will see. From the very moment you come into our parking lot we want you to take advantage of our parking lot. It’s close to our sanctuary doors which in a way is like the front door to our house. When you enter into our church doors you will be warmly greeted into our welcome area where we invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea and maybe even a donut. If you need anything up to this point there will be many from our church family willing to help you or to answer any questions.

If you have kids with you and would like them to partake in the children’s ministries that are offered during the service they are located downstairs in our wonderful children’s area. If you need help finding it just ask anyone nearby and they will help you find your way. If you arrive for our Sunday School hour on your way down you will pass through our student area for Junior and High School students.

Once the service is about to begin music will begin to play and thats when we transition into the sanctuary, a beautiful old vintage style sanctuary. Find a seat that suits you and your family and the service will begin with a welcome and announcement from one of our pastors or leaders which will transition into our time of praise and worship. Following worship there will be a pastoral prayer which will lead us into a reading of a passage of Scripture. That Scripture will be in reference to the message delivered next. Our preaching is generally expositional, which means we preach verse by verse through the Bible.

During our service we will take an offering but as our guests we don’t want you to feel obligated to give. Our view on offering is that it is a form of worship in giving back to God what He has graciously given us and if you wish to worship in that way we welcome you. Once our service is over we will exit to a prayer blessing and worship.

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