Knowing God Brings Strength and Action

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There is a verse in Daniel 11:32 that says, “…the people who know their God will be strong and take action.”  Though not lengthy in words, this verse is mighty in meaning.  If we know God, we have strength and are moved to action.

What does it mean to “know God?”  Not just simply knowing about Him, but knowing Him deeply?  Think about how we get to know other people: we spend time together; we talk to one another; we listen to one another.  We learn all that we can about the other person.  We make time for one another.  The process takes consistency and effort.  The same applies to our relationship with God.  We make the time and commitment to know God deeply.  We set aside time each day (consistency) to pray (talk with God), read His word (learn about God), and being still before Him (listen to God).

The verse says when we know God, we will have strength.  When we face challenges that bring frustration or fear, we can rely on God as our source of strength during difficult times.  We are not meant to live in isolation and fear—our strength comes from walking daily with our Lord and relying on Him to be our source of strength, comfort, and wisdom.

When we know God, we are also called to action.  Oftentimes we, as followers of God, can become comfortable and content with “as is” in our lives.  We are secure in our salvation and therefore think we are “too busy” to add more to our lives.  Though I certainly agree we have become “too busy,” in many areas of life, the question is—are we busy with the right things?  Do we fill our calendars with events that are inward focused or outward focused?  Are we taking action in the things God wants us to, or are we missing opportunities to share God’s message?  Is our time being spent in His presence, or is God absent from our calendars?

This week let’s ask ourselves: how have I spent time connecting with God this week?  How has God given me strength this week?  How have I taken action to follow God this week?  May we truly know Him, feel His strength, and take action for Him.

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