Converge defined means to incline towards each other and to move or cause to move towards the same point. Likewise, we know that the Holy Spirit draws us together so that we would be inclined towards Christ together. Our desire at Converge is to see young people coming together to pursue Christ together in community.

In the busyness of today’s life it seems that faith has taken the back seat to many other activities. So our desire is to help students experience God and understand their faith so that they would not just have it as a priority but be the driving force in their life.

Sunday Studies

Junior & High School classes that focus on growing and understanding our faith from a biblical perspective.

Fellowship Nights

Growing in community together and talking about life and how to live it from a biblical perspective.

Prayer & Worship

We try to create many opportunities to connect and strengthen their relationship with God.


Once a month we try to come together for a family dinner. We share in a meal together and catch up with one another so that our kids, parents and ministry leaders all get a chance to connect.


Community is all about having strong relationships. We create opportunities for students to strengthen their relationships with friends, leaders and family while reaching out to others.


To know and be known by Him. Our greatest goal in ministry is that students would grow in their relationship with God to know that they were made for love.


We want to reveal the love of God to others across our city, nation and worldwide. We take time monthly to serve others around us to see impact for the Kingdom of God.


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