Summer Bucket List Challenge

 In Children's Ministry, Sara Humphrey

Ah, summer is here.  The warm sunshine.  The extended hours of daylight.  The smell of fresh cut grass.  All around us God’s creation is awake and on full display.  We have survived the pandemic summer of 2020, and we survived the Brood X cicada invasion of 2021.  It is time to have fun again!  For me, summer is a time to put aside the busy routine that comes with the school year and slow down and enjoy the magnificence of God’s creation without the pressure of a hectic schedule.  As I was preparing this post, I was reminded of this verse from Psalm 118—a verse I learned in kindergarten and still love to this day: 

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

It is a reminder that God is the creator of each day, and each day is unique and full of opportunity.  It is a brand-new beginning—full of God’s love, grace, and faithfulness.  The day may bring struggle and temptation, sadness and pain, but if we keep our eyes open, we will also see the beauty and blessing around us, even in the midst of our challenges.  Every day is worth celebrating.  

Although school will begin in just a few short weeks, there is still a lot of summer fun ahead.  Below you will find a list of 100 activities to do during the summer.  The purpose of the challenge is simple: to praise God every day.  Each day is a gift from God, and He wants us to enjoy His creation.  Celebrate Him.  Thank Him.  Love Him.  Talk about Him.  Even in our simple activities, there are opportunities to praise God.  Every day is a good day to share God with the world, and everyone, whether young or young-at-heart, can find something from God to celebrate.

P.S.—If you do something from the list, share your photo with us on Facebook or Instagram!  Have fun having fun!

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