Take the Luke 2:52 Summer Challenge

 In Sara Humphrey

Summer is approaching, and while many of us appreciate a break from the daily grind of the school year, the teacher in me still thrives on some sort of routine. Years ago, when my son began kindergarten, I began praying Luke 2:52 each day as he headed to the bus stop: “And Jesus increased in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man.” It’s my faithful prayer of hope that each day he learns something new, stays healthy, and finds ways to show kindness and glorify God. Truthfully, I want this for myself as well. But during the summer, I find myself getting out of my routine of praying this verse daily, which is sad because don’t we all want this every day, not just during the school year?
This summer, I’d like to challenge each of us—kids and adults—to make Luke 2:52 a part of our daily routine. Here are some suggestions to help get us started.
*Increase in wisdom…
-read for at least 30 minutes
-write in a journal or make up a story or poem
-build something by following instructions

*In stature…
-exercise (go hiking, ride a bike, swim)
-eat your fruits and veggies
-get plenty of rest

*In favor with God…
-spend time talking to God in prayer
-read your Bible (memorize a verse or two!)
-thank Him for our blessings and His creation

*And man…
-invite a friend over to play
-clean up a room/a closet and donate items to charity
-show kindness by smiling at people you meet

I pray that this summer would be filled with wonderful memories and blessings for each of us. Enjoy all that God has created and be confident in His love and grace!

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