The Devil is Crafty But God is Great

 In Student Ministry

Sometimes I believe that we personally give the devil too much credit. In my Sunday school class we have been looking and two different lessons “When Satan helps out” and “A vision of Victory” . The purpose of these lessons were not to study Satan or to bring adoration to him the purpose was to see how God uses the attack of the enemy for his divine intervention. Simply explained as what the Devil meant for bad, God will turn it around for good.

In one of our lessons we even saw that in the beginning God knew he would have various needs. One example was when he needed a word so he created Gabriel. He also knew he would need warfare, so he created Michael. But God also knew he would need worship, so he created the archangel whose name was Lucifer to be in charge of praise and worship in Heaven. But the problem was that Lucifer didn’t want to worship, He wanted to be worshipped, so he was evicted from the heavens. And this is why Satan hates when we praise God, because we literally remind him of the job that he got fired from.

So this is why I believe knowing what the devil is capable of is so important because it’s good to find out that even your enemy is controlled by your God!

Romans 14:11 “It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, “every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.” EVERY !


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