What To Do While Waiting For The World To Change

 In Tori Smith

This past week I watched a good movie about balloonists titled, “The Aeronauts.” I don’t need to share the storyline or details of the movie; they aren’t important for this writing. However, one line from one of the female characters, Amelia Wren, is worthy of mention. She said, “You don’t change the world simply by looking at it, you change it by the way you choose to live in it.”

At the time of my writing, it’s still 2019.  By the time you read it, it will be 2020. New Year’s resolutions will have already been made and some will already be broken. That’s the nature of New Year’s resolutions and humans who make them.  But consider this, Jesus Christ, in all of His glory, didn’t just look at a world filled with sin and depravity and wish for it to be a better place. He actually changed it by coming to earth in the wrappings of a baby boy who would not only change the world at the time of his birth, but who would change the world for all of eternity.

How did he change it? By the way he lived and died.  He changed it by the way he chose to live in this world. He chose to live in this world sinlessly!

Because of Jesus’ success in changing the world, you and I have an opportunity to join Him in his continual goal of changing lives in this world and bringing the reign of God among us.

It doesn’t matter whether we made New Year’s resolutions or not.  What matters is whether we choose to sit back and watch and hope for the world to change — or whether we choose to live our lives closer to Him, allowing Him to work through us so that we assist Him in changing the world.

We can either sit and watch and accomplish nothing or we can choose to live in such a way that at the end of 2020 our life and the lives of those around us will be changed.

If we desire a deeper walk with the Lord in 2020, it isn’t enough to sit back and think about Sunday groups or weekly small groups.  It would be a good idea for us to join one! If we want to see others know Christ, it is not enough to sit back and day dream about how cool it would be to share the Gospel with someone.  We must step out and do so, either on a mission team or over the fence in your back yard. If we are wanting to truly make a difference, we must act.

Hope Church has always been a people who choose to live and act in such a way that makes change happen. I have no doubt that we will continue to change the world around us in 2020. I believe that, not because we are a perfect people, but rather because we are a people who are loved by the Lord and in turn love the Lord and others on behalf of the Lord.

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