Everyday Discipleship

 In Children's Ministry, Sara Humphrey

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus tells his disciples (and us) to “go and make disciples,” but what does that mean?  How do we “make disciples”?  We may even question our ability to take on such an important task.  Our calendars at times feel overwhelming and packed, so how do we fit in disciple-making too?  Well, in the past few months, we may have found a little bit more time on our hands.  Even though our routines have been changed, we still have opportunities each day to share God with our family.

In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Moses commands Israel to love the one true God with their heart, soul, and strength, and they are to repeat these commands again and again to their children.  Talk about them when you are at home, when on the road, when getting up, and when going to bed.  In other words, instead of creating a separate “time to talk about God” space on our calendars, God wants to be a part of our everyday.  Instead of adding another “to-do,” we are to be intentional about the things we already do: wake up, sit, go, and rest.  God can take the most routine moments in our day and make them extraordinary opportunities to disciple our kids.  Here are just a few examples.

*When we wake up: thank God for another day to do something kind for someone else; post a scripture verse of encouragement for your family

*When we sit at home (which is A LOT lately): family dinner conversation starters–what was the best thing that happened today?  What is something you want to “do-over”?  What is something kind you did for others?  Remind our family members that God loves us, blesses us, and forgives us.

*When on the road: admire God’s creation around you; listen to a Christian podcast or music; use the conversation starters above in the car as well!

*When we rest: tell God something you are thankful for from today; ask God to forgive a mistake you made today; tell God what you fear.

Discipleship is not about creating more things to do.  It is about intentionally inviting God into everything we are already doing.  It makes mealtime and carpool opportunities to make disciples.  It is a chance to show others that being a Christian isn’t just going to church on Sunday and reading our Bibles, but rather about living the everyday moments with hearts turned to God and reflecting His love.



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